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Michelle Carrasco


Best thing I ever did was start training with David! After 9 weeks, I am down 6% body fat and have gotten so much stronger! He pushes me and never lets me get too comfortable. I love the variation in the routine. He answers all my questions and is so knowledgeable! I now understand how diet and training go hand in hand. I work at the hospital so my schedule changes. David always works with me to find a new spot when I can't be there. I feel very comfortable walking into the building. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! I am addicted to the classes as well! HIIT with Mike/David are one of my must haves in my schedule! Love it here!

April Hanson


At the very end of May...I emailed Liz. I read her bio on their website..and I was looking for someone who could understand back issues and who would work with me through it. Liz got back to me right away and we made an appt to meet. We began the first day. Four weeks into training and a healthier back went out. She not only modified my workout so I could continue, she also made sure I was on an anti-inflammatory diet and recommended I try a different approach to my back issues. I began seeing the same chiropractor that she had and within 3 weeks was able to do most of my workout with little modifications. I have continued my journey with Liz...I have now been training with her for 15 weeks. I have LOST 25.1 lbs of fat. 19.25 inches and 6.2% body fat. I have FOUND a good night's sleep, self confidence, and a new respect for myself- that as a wife and mother with a full time job that I thought I had lost. My journey is far from over. I know I would not be where I am though without Liz, her patience, kindness and knowledge. Her husband David, is always present and is very kind and supportive with great facts to help keep a person motivated. These two are what I imagine having a personal trainer would be like. They use fitness, food and supplements to help you become the best you. They are non judgemental, realistic and funny. If you really want to do something for yourself, signing up and putting in the work will be the best choice you ever make!

Amy G.

Casper, Wyoming

After failing to reach any goals with two different trainers in the Casper area – and one bad haircut later, I was packing on major pounds and had basically given up on myself. I lived miserably until the day I found the courage to call Titanium Fitness. After almost six months of workouts at Titanium Fitness, I have lost 31 lbs. and over 10% body fat! I’ve learned so much about fitness and nutrition while working with David, and feel like he has provided me with the proper tools and mindset to continue on my lifelong fitness journey! I am grateful for David’s direction, tips, nutritional guidance and overall patience through this process of transformation. If David can get results out of me – he can help you too!


Becky Bertagnole


David and Liz are very knowledgeable regarding fitness, weight loss, nutrition and injury related fitness. After spinal surgery I was at a loss and thought I would never workout again. Physical therapy only did so much and I became addicted to pain pills. Liz has helped and shown me better options. I've enjoyed working with Liz and excited for the results.

Bobby Pickle


Liz and Dave are awesome! They have helped get a detailed nutrition plan and helped me stay motivated as I start my journey to better health.

Cheryl and Don Smith

Casper, Wyoming

My husband and I have trained with David for the past 12 months. It has been so worth our time and effort! My husband improved his posture and decreased his arthritis pain. I have improved my overall health through David's anti-inflamatory diet, nutritional tips and his patience as I worked from 1 lb. weights to lifting 20 lb. weights. We are very happy with our results and we highly recommend Titanium Fitness as a training regimen for all seniors.

Corina Goering


First of all David is an awesome trainer. Very caring and concerned about how my body is reacting to the training. The routines are always changed up and I'm seeing great results in the last 4 months. I signed a contract to go 3 days a week plus cardio training to do on my own, on off- training days. Titanium also gave me a strict, healthy diet plan to follow and believe me there is so much to eat 5 times a day, you're never hungry… not one of those starve you to death diets! The supplements he recommended are very beneficial. Bottom line is, you can only get out of David's training what you are willing to put in. If you cheat on the the diet and not show up for training appointments and if you don't do your part on off-training days you will fail. I hated working out until I started going to Titanium Fitness, now I look forward to it all.By the way I am not young and in shape, I'm almost 51 and getting in the best shape of my life. Never felt better and seeing awesome results. Highly recommend Titanium Fitness.

David Dugan


Liz Rogers is awesome! I had a 3 level fusion in my lower back two years ago and after two months of working out I can see vast improvements in muscle tone and I feel better than I have in years! Highly recommend Titanium Fitness! Especially Liz as a trainer, especially if you have back issues because she's been through it before!

Derick Thompson


I really couldn't recommend this place enough, everybody there is so helpful and only cares about helping you being healthy! I've lost weight through diets and gained weight right back. David Rogers and Liz Long Rogers are perfect for helping you find the BALANCE between diet and exercise.

Diego Nicholas

Casper, Wyoming

I definitely recommend David Rogers at Titanium Fitness! Not only can I fit in pants that I used to be too big for, I feel better than I ever have! I have more energy and vitality now than than I did, even in my twenties! If you want to look your best, feel your best and get the right nutrition advice to fuel your body perfectly, give them a call! I have lost more body fat and have gotten more toned in just a few months than it used to take me years to do! Remember health is wealth and with the value of what he brings you will be healthy and wealthy! Best decision you will ever make!

Kara Linn

Casper, Wyoming

David Rogers has been my trainer here in Casper. I've had other world-class trainers in my life and I even had a special session with Lou Ferrigno in CA (a few years ago when I was really extremely into fitness). David is awesome. One of the most important things Lou Ferrigo told me is important about training is to always be safe and to always warm up before working out. That is one of David's strengths as a trainer. He knows a lot about the physiology behind the exercises he teaches, he puts a lot of emphasis on safe form, and he always has his clients warm up before exercising. A lot of people get hurt when they are training. That will not happen with a trainer like David, but it could with a trainer who is less conscientious and less attentive to detail. You won't find David checking his text messages or daydreaming off into space when he is working with you. He is 100% dedicated and into what he is doing for the client he is working with. He is respectful and kind. David is a very special person and a phenomenal professional trainer. He is successful because he knows his trade and he knows how to treat people. I highly recommend David Rogers!

Karen Mcdaniel


Thanks to Liz for all the encouragement she gives me. I know that without her I would have given up a year ago. My dresses look better and better each time I wear them.

Kevin Dietz


To anyone who doubts the results here, I have proof otherwise. To the person who gave it a one star, and a ridiculous review, prove you were doing your homework and I'll believe it.

I'm doing exactly what David told me to do, and I dropped 6% body fat in two months time, which was more accurately 6 weeks of really hitting my stride. Lost 17+ pounds of fat and gained 5 in muscle. It works, he works, and I'm living proof.

Before long I won't need to wear shirts. Ever

Larry Linn

Casper, Wyoming

“Being almost 70 years old and physically out of condition, my body hurt in most places.  My knees, lower back, groin, waistline and most joints were suffering. After several months working with David, I lost over 25 lbs and most all of my pain and discomfort has disappeared. I’ve never felt or been in better condition. David has been  individually attentive to my needs,  well educated in his field and overall fun to work out with.  He maintains an interest in working out by changing up the program, adding new exercises and is extremely knowledgeable  of weights and machine utilization. I don’t think you can go wrong to let him design your personal workout.”


Megan Miller


I've been training with David and my experience has been nothing short of amazing. He helps me with proper form while strength training and took the time to lay out a fitness plan to fit me personally. The workouts are fun, we are always laughing but he still makes sure I'm going 100%. David is literally my number one cheerleader! The diet plan was a complete break through for me in really starting to loose weight coupled with cardio and strength training. He tracks my progress and asks me what is working and what is not. If something is off, he tweaks the food and I'm back on track. David is also great at helping me with recipes to substitute food on my diet plan so I don't get bored and start to eat unhealthy. The best part is that he teaches so I am understanding more of why this is working and what happens when I cheat, when I should be eating and what, plus more. Seriously, this was the best decision I have made! Not only am I getting healthy physically, but mentally I have gained back so much confidence that I had lost. Its a truly great feeling. And Liz is so nice, she always greets me when I walk in the door or when I walk by her! What a great environment to get healthy in!

Molly Johnson


They are knowledgeable trainers and truly put their hearts into training everyone to the best of their ability. Highly recommend this studio!

Tom Swartz

Casper, Wyoming

My time at Titanium Fitness changed my life, I never thought I would use a trainer, but my son recommended I try David.  I was doing everything wrong, I have now gained 11 lbs of muscle and I am at 7 % body fat. If you follow the diet plan and listen to David Rogers, your dreams will come true as well.

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