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Our Services

We offer private training sessions, buddy sytem and nutrtion/ fat loss plans.  Train with a friend or one on one. Our trainers will taylor an exercise program and nutrition plan specific to your goals.

Training programs tailored specifically for you

Free Consultation

Wanting to drop weight for an important upcoming event? Need to bulk up? Do you have bothersome joint pain? Whatever your fitness goals are we have a knowledgeable staff that can help you achieve your goals. Call us for a free consultation and talk to our certified trainers about how to start your new healthy lifestyle!

1 Hour or 30 minute personal training sessions

No need to feel intimidated by a busy gym setting our private space offers a chance to receive one on one coaching and fitness training. Suited for beginners to advanced, our facility offers equipment you would find in any local gym. Our trainers are personable, knowledgeable and driven to see you achieve your fitness goals.

Private Yoga With Anthony Gamroth

Your body will thank you after yoga and you will love the effects so much that you will want to continue a daily practice of your own.

Yoga is a personal journey, and everyone begins at their own level and progresses at their own pace. Do not be afraid to join as a beginner or novice. In addition to mindful movement and muscle memory, this program will teach modifications and preparatory exercises that will help you not only strengthen the body, but advance into more difficult poses and exercises.

InBody 230 - Body Analyzer

Trusted by top hospitals, gyms, and professional sports teams because of its precision, the InBody is the most advanced body composition analyzer in the market. In one, non-invasive, 30 second test, the InBody will reveal your percentage of body fat, sentimental muscle distribution, and more. We'll then sit down with you and explain what all of this means and set goals to Jump start your health!

HIIT Cardio Classes/ Yoga

Get ready for an intense cardio circuit, with functional, fat burning and metabolically challenging movements in this interval style full body cardio class!!!

Joint Pain

Our ISSA Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist and Corrective exercise specialist will guide you through different exercises and stretches to reduce or eliminate chronic joint pain and strengthen your entire body to reduce the risk of future injury.

Nutrition Plans

The fuel you put in your body accounts for 80% of the success or failure you have in a training program. Most gyms will charge additional fees, at Titanium Fitness we offer nutrition plans for free if you have an Elite or Master training contract. We feel it is imperative to eat a healthy diet along with an exercise program to reach your fitness goals.

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